Conference Presentation Management

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The Presentation Management Center

Unique among audio visual vendors for 25 years, One World Presentation Management Ltd.’s skill set for AV management, IT design, and software development is unmatched in today’s marketplace. Providing an all-inclusive, professional experience for presenters and organizers in a supportive, stress-free environment is the our goal. Learn More

Technical Ingenuity

Years of working directly with medical presenters with the highest professional standards has taught our staff to anticipate problems before they arise. We genuinely care that presenters want to avoid embarrassment or delays that might detract from their professionalism. Audiences want smooth sessions. Our systems ensure both.

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Faculty Tools

All manner of support for administrators and reviewers is built into the cost of using our system. Learn More

Audio Visual Show Management

Your faculty will notice it if they are facilitated by people who understand them. No other AV company does abstracts. Who do you think will connect best with your presenters?

Can you name anyone else who has provided services in 21 countries?

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Use the One World Presentation Management Ltd. guide for planning your next conference program.